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May 2016

What are the best sites for a self learner?

There are quite a few sites from where you can learn a ton of things: Udemy: Online Courses Anytime, Anywhere Coursera – Free Online Courses From Top Universities | Coursera MIT open courseware: Free Online Course Materials Stanford open courseware:… Continue Reading →

Million dollar bet!

One million dollar bet! I happened to say this to a friend claiming, I will have at least a million dollars by the age of 40. This is not an impossible dream, but it is not the easiest of all… Continue Reading →

The most hardcore recipe for success

Sticky post

This recipe for success comes from Elon Musk. It is the most hardcore recipe, and is certainly nowhere close to be in the regimes of “easy”, but if one was to follow this, he would beat anyone and everyone around… Continue Reading →

The coffee company: And the “belief”

The same nice aroma, the same nice taste, the same freshness every time you have it: That is what Starbucks coffee has for you. A coffee – that has been made cup by cup by pouring the heart into it…. Continue Reading →

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