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January 2018

In one sentence, what is your best life hack?

‘Think’ before you ‘do’ and ‘always work with a model’. At some point in time I happened to start doing things in my life according to some mathematical function, or an equation. It turns out there are lots of benefits… Continue Reading →

Why is Elon Musk so determined?

This is usually an outcome of a cyclic process actually. Lets say there are five components of it, and one more is an added component. Beliefs Thinking Action Skills Discipline Universe rooting for you Elon happened to be in an… Continue Reading →

What should one do in one’s free time?

Long time back, someone asked me if they could decide and improve. It turns out it is very much possible. In fact it is possible in a day. The improvement will not happen in just one day, but you can… Continue Reading →

What was the best business idea you have ever seen?

My opinion: iPhone! Every year there are more people in the world. More people need more phones. Phone is an addiction as well as a consumable. It goes through wear and tear and no matter what, people keep changing and… Continue Reading →

How often do you use life hacks to make life easier?

To really use life hacks, one not only needs to think about those life hacks, but also use them effectively. The idea is to think about it this way: Every task one does no matter where they work, it goes… Continue Reading →

How do I prepare for a data scientist interview at WalmartLabs?

Usually data science type of interviews want to judge if you have enough skills in SQL, R, Python, Machine learning, optimization, and/or more programming techniques such as Monte Carlo Simulations, modeling in general and how best you would approach a… Continue Reading →

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