‘Think’ before you ‘do’ and ‘always work with a model’.

At some point in time I happened to start doing things in my life according to some mathematical function, or an equation.

It turns out there are lots of benefits of doing things this way.

  1. First of all, know that most people do not do this. That simply means, that when you do this, you are thinking different.
  2. Anything done with a model and mathematical thinking may be right or wrong, but when it is right, it brings a significant value.
    1. Numerous example exist that I have described in my previous posts.
  3. When it is wrong, you can always go back and reason up why it was wrong in the first place, and you can improve your thinking, procedures or techniques. You can modify the model, and you can then apply improvements to it.

I highly suggest people fresh out of colleges to apply this in their jobs and extend this to real life.

Should you choose to even take a course to guide your thinking, one really good course is ready on Coursera: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking | Coursera

Stay blessed and stay inspired!