Today, with about 50 percentage of population of the world being under the age of 30 years, we the people comprising the workforce have some of the biggest challenges in front of us such as maximizing the productivity, solving problems in transportation, communication, agriculture, society and so on by coming up with sustainable models and innovations. One of those challenges is: How can we maximize the potential of human capital to solve some of the world’s biggest problems? The claim of Think Technology is that small changes made towards one little continued activity can make big contributions to the world.

Why is it that some countries become more successful than others? Why is it that some organizations continue to beat their rivals? Why are some people more successful than others? What can be done to create an organization like Jack Welch created but without ever firing anyone?

The answers to all such questions are hidden in the learning process. The mission of this Think Technology is to demonstrate how individuals and organizations can maximize their own learning potential and therefore can do the same for the world. While problem solving and ground breaking work starts with one action, and that is to ‘think’, continuous work is needed towards the second accomplishment. This accomplishment is to ‘learn’. Learn continuously and learn at an ever increasing pace.

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